Does Exercise Make You Happier?

You know exercise is a good thing, you get to maintain a healthy weight, it makes you stronger and fitter and keeps you active and feeling youthful as you get older. Exercise is also known to make you happy. Did you know this? If you workout with a home personal trainer on a regular basis, you are bound to feel less stressed out, less anxious and happier in general.

Feel-good chemical

Dopamine is released into your brain that attributes to your feelings of happiness and pleasure. Studies indicate that as you age you lose dopamine, which is one of the reasons you constantly need to seek it out. So the best way to get the dopamine production going is to exercise. Try running, walking, jumping and playing – just be happy.

Decreased stress and anxiety

Exercise will help ease stress in the long run. If you are stressed about day to day life, regular workouts will reduce the stress and give you calm and serenity instead. When you exercise you raise the heart rate which triggers hormonal changes. As your body becomes more comfortable with exercise, it will also learn to handle real life stresses better.

More energy

There is no doubt exercise will energize you. There are days you probably feel too tired and exhausted and can’t bring yourself to face the challenges of caring for your family, going to work or engaging in high pressured moments. Workouts will give you the energy you need to face these challenges. And the more energy you have, the happier you feel.

Boost in confidence

If you don’t like the way you look, it is easy to experience low self esteem. This can negatively impact areas in your life like your work life, relationships and social life. You might start hiding out and not wanting to go in public. Through exercise your body will start to transform and will change how you look. It will make you fitter and more attractive. You will get a boost in confidence and increase in happiness overall.

No more insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping and you find yourself taking sleeping pills, stop. There is a better way to fight off the insomnia. Exercising regularly and staying active will help you sleep better at night. When you get a good night’s rest you will find yourself feeling better and more energized to face the new day.


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