Dance Workouts Are They Effective Or Not?

Different people have different preferences, and a dance workout is a quick way to finish your daily cardio. These sessions are enjoyable as you will be moving to the beats of different songs while working your body and burning away the calories. Fitness coaches have made dance a crucial part of exercise routines as they help you achieve your fitness targets while having some fun.

Why Dance Workouts? 

Dancing involves a lot of energy as you are moving towards different directions and following a rhythmic beat. Whereas, other forms of physical activities like swimming and running involve uniform motion for short durations. Dancing involves high-energy moves and low-energy moves. These moves require more energy, and thereby burns more calories. 

While running can be compared to a drive on a freeway, dancing is more like a drive through a busy street. There are a lot of sudden moves and turns, and all of this burns high amounts of fuel even though the lesser ground is covered. Dancing has a similar effect on the body; the intense moves work the body and burns the calories in a lesser period. Dancing has a lot of positive effects on mood and mind. One particular study found that hip-hop dancing improved energy, lifted mood, and reduced stress like in aerobic exercise. 

Another study linked dancing to improved white matter in the brain of older adults. The brain’s white matter is like a connective tissue that gradually breaks down with age, leading to a decline in processing speed, thinking, and memory. The white matter changes between older adults who engage in regular walking, stretching and dancing. The results showed that the white matter integrity declined for the walkers and the stretchers; whereas, it increased for those who danced three days a week for six months.

Psychological Benefits

There are a lot of psychological benefits to dancing workouts. Therapists have prescribed dancing as an intervention for different psychological disorders like social anxiety. There are numerous research studies which indicate that dancing can curb anxiety.

One vital psychological benefit of this dance workout is the social bonding that happens in the process. During your workout sessions with other strangers, you share a bond and aim to match the beat and exercises collectively. This group collaboration boosts your confidence and enables you to engage in healthy conversations with others. 

Dance Workouts With A Partner

You can also boost your performance by starting the sessions with your partner. Our personal fitness trainers offer numerous dance workouts and routines. There are a lot of added benefits to working with a partner. You are likely to be more committed, focused, and happy. This can be a fun activity to burn the calories with your loved one. The advantages of human touch are many. Dancing with a partner involves human-to-human physical contact and this can improve wellbeing and reduce stress.

Reap the benefits of dance workouts with our personal fitness trainers. We offer a range of services to meet your fitness goals. Contact our team to get an overview of the different services we provide. 


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