6 Pack Abs: How To Make This Dream Realistically Achievable

A perfectly sculpted body is the dream; this can be achieved with a thorough workout plan. Goal setting is a vital part of fitness training. The fervor to reach your goals will keep you pushing harder and working consistently to see results.

Although there are numerous ways to achieve six-pack abs, your overall goals should focus on attaining a healthy and fit body. It is also crucial to understand that you may not observe results overnight. However, exercising with a personal fitness trainer will fast forward your journey to sculpted abs. 

The core is the center and harnesses the entire power of the body. The core consists of muscles that lie deep within the torso and stabilize your body. Different kinds of balance and stabilization workouts help carve the abdominal muscles and define the stomach area. 

Some of the popular exercises that help strengthen the abdomen are:

Aerobic Exercises

Also known as cardio, it is any kind of exercise that increases the heart rate. Incorporating aerobic exercises into your routine will help you lose fat and hasten the process to build six-pack abs.  

Cardio exercises are effective in reducing belly fat, and this will make the abdominal muscles more visible. The aim is to get in at least 20-40minutes cardio workout into your regime. You can do this by engaging in different activities like running, walking, biking, or swimming. Adding your favorite sport into the sessions will motivate you to fit cardio into your daily exercise program.

Supported Ins And Outs

Begin by sitting and place your feet on the ground with the knees bent. Place your hand behind your back for the extra support and then slowly lift your legs such that they are in a tabletop position. Once you have managed to maintain your balance, you can slowly move your torso back and extend your legs until they are straight. Lean back to a 45-degree angle and return to the starting position. Repeat the process and try to maintain the posture for at least a minute. 

Mountain Climbers

In this exercise, you have to initially maintain a plank position with your forearms flat on the ground, elbows under the shoulder, spine straight, and leg straight back. Then move on to bring the right knee to the chest and then place the right knee back and bring the left knee forth simultaneously. Continue this back and forth motion of knees for one minute.  

Ball Push Up

It is an alternative for the usual push up; you can place your feet on a stability ball and then proceed with the normal push up by lowering down till the face touches the ground and then going back up. You can also use a chair, couch, or small platform if you do not have a stability ball. 


A personal fitness trainer can give you insight into the right kind of diet to build six-pack abs. Increase your protein intake as this can promote weight loss. Studies suggest that consumption of high-protein food helps increase feelings of fullness and aid in appetite control. Protein consumption can also help repair and rebuild muscle tissues. Protein-rich foods include meat, eggs, dairy, legumes, and nuts. 

Hydration is another crucial factor, keep drinking water to keep the body hydrated and nourished. 

We have expert fitness coaches to guide you in your journey for a healthy body. We strive to help you reach your goals and have highly trained professionals and the latest equipment to cater to your needs. 

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