5 Things That Can Help You Change Up Your Cardio Routine

Having a strong cardio workout be a part of your exercise regime is a definite must for your body on a regular basis. However, when you repeat the same routine over and over again, it can lose its fun factor which can decrease your motivation to hit the gym. In order to prevent this from occurring often, you can change out your cardio routine with the help of a personal trainer and the best five tips provided below. 

  • Include Other Equipment

You can change your usual cardio routine by including more types of equipment that you use to complete the cardio segment of your workouts. For example, rather than using a treadmill alone, using a cycle either indoor or outdoor is a good idea. You can also use the elliptical machine, rowing machine, step mill, spin bike, or even a skillmill. This equipment can help you achieve the same high heart rate and increased blood pressure with the right time limit and intensity.

  • Join A Class

If you are looking to do a 180 on your regime and replace all equipment with a more extensive workout, joining a class at your local gym is optimal. In this manner, you will not only push yourself to perform better but will also get the needed change that can renew your motivation to achieve all your fitness goals. 

When selecting one, choosing a Crossfit, Zumba, or Hot Yoga class will help you achieve the best results. Besides these, a spin class can also be chosen if you wish to gain some company and direction when completing the aerobic exercise. This will help you change up your usual routine while working out all the muscles in the needed way.  

  • Switch Your Workout Environment

If you have been completing all your workouts indoors, switching it up to ones that can be done outside is a brilliant idea. In this way, a new environment can help stimulate your mind more and will in turn impact the activity of your body which can be useful in burning calories and toning muscles. You can choose to do the same run outside in a park or along the pathways built around your home and exert your body in the same manner. 

Trekking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing and so many other activities depending on the landscape of your city can be completed outdoors that not only engages your full body but is also fun and exciting. If you have predominantly stayed outdoors for workouts, gaining a gym membership or one to our Be Fit fitness center can work wonders for your body.

  • Change Your Measurement Method

Keeping track of your exercise routine in terms of time, calorie burn, or footsteps is definitely an effective idea that provides you with a lot of satisfaction at the end of the day. However, repeating the same routine over time can make the same activity boring for you. To prevent this, you can switch between your usual method and another one. 

For example, if you track your footsteps or distance each day, measure the calories you have burned instead or measure time according to the songs on your playlist rather than the minutes on your treadmill meter. This will keep the same routine enjoyable on a daily basis and will help you keep up the amusement throughout the workout.

  • Get A Personal Trainer

If no other method has been effective and fruitful for you and you are still desperate for a change, hiring a personal trainer is a recommendation. In this way, your personal trainer will understand your likings and tailor each workout the way you like it while ensuring progress is made. You can ask your male or female personal trainer for other methods or gear to use to help speed up your heart rate and provide the same effective results as a treadmill. This way they can create a new schedule that has you satisfied at the end of each workout. 

Using these five above mentioned methods to change up your routine, you will be able to gain the same effective results while making the process more pleasurable. Switching between the five methods is also a good idea so that you can stay excited and look forward to the next workout. 

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