Building Muscle On Keto

A diet is seen as a form of restriction placed on the foods consumed with the ultimate goal of losing fat by either building more muscle or reducing calorie intake, all for better health and wellness. A keto diet in particular, is a low-calorie diet that includes a high fat intake to reduce the carbohydrates being consumed and replacing it with fatty foods. This induces the ketosis state in your body that will result in a higher rate of fat burning for energy usage in the body. It is claimed to have health benefits that can reduce insulin levels in the body. When your body is in such an altered state, muscle build up could be seen as a tricky activity. This is an absolute possibility when the diet is well maintained and supplied to the body along with regular hours of exercise that can make muscle building achievable on a keto diet. 

A good step to begin with is to count your calories as you go and keep a track of your total intake throughout the day. For muscles to build up well more calories have to be consumed that expended. The minimum number of calories to be consumed is calculated depending on your gender, weight, height, lifestyle and exertion. The maintenance calories of your body have to be calculated which can be done by either observing your average weight over the course of a couple of days while maintaining a particular diet or by using online calculators that can have the result presented to you. Once this step is completed, make sure to increase your calorie intake by 15%. It is important to ensure that the weight increase does not exceed by 0.25-0.5% of your body weight or it would result in increased fat content of the body. Sticking to this rule would aid other factors in working the right way and produce the desire increase in muscle mass as the body is made more in the kitchen than the gym. A fitness coach can also be of great use to guide you through this entire process and make the right suggestions for your body if you are uncertain about the methodology or the effects the diet might have on your health. 

Once the food intake is taken care of, the components of the diet have to be carefully picked to ensure best results. This can be done by including more protein in your intake to help the muscle get the fundamental components that help them further build up. Protein can be derived from lean meats, eggs, fish, legumes, seeds, nuts, soy products and dairy. Another nutrient that must be increased is fat intake as this forms the basis of the keto diet. It is advisable to eat the right kind of fatty foods such as unsaturated ones rather than saturated as this is not as healthy for the body irrespective of the dietary constrictions. Some naturally occurring fatty foods are avocados, cheese, oils like olive oil and dark chocolate among many others are good to satisfy this need. Keeping a close check on your carbohydrate content is also vital and must be kept to a minimum to guarantee success. These form the basis for your dietary intake and keeping them well tracked will reward with more muscles being built over the course of the diet.

The other important criteria that can give you the desired result is the exercise that the body needs to be given to ensure that the muscles that need to be built are regularly exercise to increase in mass. A good technique to include in your exercise schedule is resistance training that can boost muscle growth in the body. Increase the number of push ups and pull ups that are considered to be the best workout for your upper body to build up muscles. Also include reverse curls and seated table rows into your workouts that will increase the arm muscles and back muscles respectively. These exercises must be maintained throughout the duration of your diet to allow for the muscles to build up consistently and increase in mass through continuous stimulation. Lifting weights can also promote muscle growth and work on both the upper body and lower. If you are unsure about your exercise regime and need help and guidance to use certain equipment or to maintain a posture, approach a personal trainer who will ensure you get the maximum benefit out of each workout with the right kind of efforts and prevent the possibility of injuries. 

Dietary supplements can be an option if you think your body needs more than what you are currently supplying it with in terms of nutrients, minerals and other building materials that your body requires. This is of course not necessary for your body but could aid it in creating more muscle mass. If protein powders are the go-to option you are thinking about, you might need to reconsider the usual options as many contain high amounts of carbohydrates that can hamper the diet’s mechanism. Powders that have plant alternatives or the sort can be used instead to ensure the same results. Fish oil supplements are also a good option that can help with the diet. For more information, an expert at the fitness store could help guide which particular supplements would be suitable for the diet. A fitness coach can also be consulted to cover the minerals and nutrients that the body is failing to receive or needs in excess to keep up with the dietary restrictions and controls. 

Your body’s hormones are bound to be affected by a change in the dietary constituents that are being available in the body and it would be necessary to pay attention to them. Tweaking some of the hormones can also help in getting the most out of the diet as exemplary of the human growth hormone that can aid in increasing muscle mass in the body. With the keto diet, this hormone is increased in production in the presence of a carbohydrate restriction which can inherently boost muscle growth. You must ensure that the body does not experience too high a stress as this would increase levels of cortisol that could in turn cause insulin resistance which will not allow insulin to break down fats and convert it into energy. This would also affect the mass build up as less muscle gain occurs and more fat is stored away that affects the functionality of the diet. To ensure your hormones are in good control, sufficient sleep is a requirement along with the practice of meditation and regular exercise to maintain homeostasis of the body.

Many precautions must be taken before pursuing the keto diet and also choosing to follow a muscle building regime with its constraints especially if you suffer from diseases such as diabetes or have any liver conditions. Please consult with a medical professional before starting a diet that could possibly further harm your body than help it become better. This diet will also need to be supplemented with plenty of water as the ketone levels in the body will increase rapidly and need to be flushed out to prevent its toxicity in the body. A good night’s sleep is a must as this is a very important factor that can aid in more muscle growth and development and also help your body recuperate from the new restrictions that have been placed upon it. Your body will require some time to get used to the sudden dietary changes and therefore being patient with the process is a necessity. You might encounter side effects that are normal given the change, however, if they do not subside after a while, dropping the diet would be a better idea. 
Keto diet when done right can help with muscle gain provided that it has other factors necessary for its success such as exercise, calories maintenance, sufficient fat and protein intake and proper care for sleep, hydration and hormones being taken. A fitness coach and personal trainer could be good guides in helping you maintain this diet and completing it the right way under their expertise for maximum results and satisfaction.

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