Training Safety Tips On How To Avoid Any Injuries While Training

Injury is a common threat during exercising and training. You may easily strain the muscles and joints when the different exercise formations are not done accurately. For this reason, personal trainers ensure that you follow the different poses accurately to reap the desired results without the side effects of injuries. 

Injuries are not just painful, but they also stop you from completing your fitness goals. They can come in the way of your training and limit future performance. You become more vulnerable to injuries as we get older because the body is more fragile and less agile. With age, you also tend to lose bone and muscle mass; all of this contributes to a slower recovery. 

Common Training Injuries

The most common exercise-related injuries include:

1. Sprains: These include injuries to the ligaments and the tissues that connect the bones.

2. Muscle strains: These include injuries to the muscles or the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones. 

3. Tendinitis: Tendinitis includes the inflammation of the tendon, which is usually caused by the overuse of the tendon. 

4. Rotator cuff tears: This includes the rips in the muscles and the tendons that secure the arm in the shoulder socket. 

The safety tips to look out for training include: 

Consult A Physician

It is not advisable to start a training program before consulting with your physician. The doctor will check your overall health and determine whether you are fit to start a training program such as mixed martial arts training. If the program includes routines that are unsuitable, the doctor will suggest modifications or alternatives. 

Plan Your Workouts

Some routines are unsuitable for certain people. Women with arthritis or osteoporosis should avoid high-impact exercises and choose non-impact exercises, such as swimming or jogging. 


Whenever you decide to start a new routine or exercise style, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the proper formations before practicing in full swing. Our personal trainers can guide you through different techniques through adult boxing classes, martial arts training, and other high-intensity exercises. Don’t start an exercise without perfecting the correct form as it will lead to injuries and also prevent any results.

Exercise Gear

Make sure that you have the right gear in place before starting with your training. Buy a pair of comfortable sneakers that provide good arch support and ensure that it has a cushioned heel to absorb shock. While working out, wear loose, comfortable clothing that gives you the space to move and breathe. 


Warming up is a must before exercising as it improves blood flow to the working muscle and reduces stiffness; this lowers the risk of injury. While warming up, make sure to walk or do dynamic stretches such as an arm or leg lifts. Avoid passive stretches, in which you maintain the formation. This type of stretching could lead to muscle tears. 


Working out can cause you to sweat, and this will lead to the loss of fluids in the body. Due to this reason, it is crucial to have at least a glass of water before starting your exercise and a few sips of water every 15 minutes.  

Our personal trainers are experts in the field of fitness and exercise programs. We offer MMA training, contact us to start your training sessions. 

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