Stealth, Speed And Stamina: The 3 S’ To Help Master Your Martial Arts

Martial arts training mixes a lot of vital physical fitness activities to build stealth, speed, and stamina. Age-old techniques derived from Asia are religiously practised and studied. New fusion forms like MMA training have also made their way into martial arts.

How To Inculcate Agility

Mastering the technique is barely enough to help develop the agility that will help you defend yourself. Martial arts require a great deal of discipline and consistency. The first step is to build your foundation and to create the building blocks you need to be thorough with the formations and techniques. Regular practice of the different techniques will help form your muscle memory. After the development of muscle memory, the body will automatically assume different stances.

To go fast, you must first go slow; this broadly means that each technique has to be studied with precision. You have to learn the importance of using your body weight; this will help you increase the impact of each move. Our personal fitness trainer will acquaint you with all the little details so that you learn the proper method. 

The next component to add to increase the speed of your moves is intent. There is no point in only practising the methods on a punching bag, but instead, you can imagine that you are making a punch into the spine of the opponent. This kind of thinking will help add intent to each of your strikes. 

Once the formations are accurate, the muscle memory is built, and the intent is developed, you can slowly incorporate speed into your moves. Keep pushing yourself, keep increasing the speed of the moves, and with time, you will find yourself improving your agility. Fast strikes tend to create improper formations; this should not be the case as the moves will not be effective unless performed accurately. 

Building Stamina

Building stamina is another vital component in martial arts. Even if you lack speed or stealth, your stamina can tire the opponent and cause them to retreat. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are great to help build stamina.

Muscle stamina or anaerobic training is the amount of endurance one can obtain from the muscles during the exercise. This includes activities like grappling or arm wrestling.

Cardio or aerobic exercise typically involves any activity that gets the heart rate up to 50 to 75 per cent of the maximum possible for a considerable amount of time. This includes activities like running, jogging, and swimming. 

Continuously performing a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises will help build the stamina. Adult boxing classes include aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You can choose activities that spark your interest to keep you motivated and consistent with your efforts. 

Practice exercises that you wish to duplicate in the ring. There is no point in biking if you intend to improve your fighting endurance. Instead, you can repetitively go on jogs and uneven running to build your endurance. Repeating these exercises will not only improve your stamina but will also aid your muscle memory so that you are efficient while facing an opponent.

We have a team of experts catering to different areas of physical fitness. We also offer mixed martial arts training. Contact us to get to know the numerous services we provide.


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