5 Simple Self Defence Moves That Every Woman Should Know

Even if you have never been in a position that made you feel physically unsafe, knowing what to do in a harmful situation is essential. Self-defense is crucial as it ensures you can protect yourself against anything dangerous. It also empowers you, as you will have the confidence to analyze a situation and take the appropriate action to overcome it effectively. Therefore, regardless of your age, taking part in a self-defense class in Dubai is important, and this blog will look at five simple moves you can learn.

Hammer strike

When it comes to self-defense, your best weapons are your hands, but it is necessary to ensure that at least in the beginning, they are not at risk of injury. A hammer strike using your car keys or another available tool can be a simple way to defend yourself. Hold onto the car key within a tight fist to perform this move, with the sharp pointed end sticking out from one side of your fist for the strikes. When you are in danger, extend your arm outwards with the tool facing the target and thrust it down toward them.

Knee kick

If the attacker is too close for a punch, then a knee kick can be very effective. To do it, drive your knee straight towards the attacker’s groin. The move, if executed correctly, can disorient the attacker and give you time to escape. Make sure to maximum effort and power for the best results. If it is possible, our personal trainer in Dubai recommends grabbing the attacker between their neck and shoulder and holding on tightly before the knee kick. This will give you extra support to kick harder.

Heel palm strike

It is an effective move that helps you damage your attacker’s nose or throat while significantly reducing the chance of self-injury. As the heel of your palm is flat, it will spread out the force of the impact; hence, you will not be at risk of breaking a bone or tearing your skin. If there is damage, this area will heal quicker than knuckles. The strike is also as powerful as a punch, so you will cause significant damage. To perform this move, flex the wrist of your dominant hand and then aim for the attacker’s nose. Remember to recoil your strike by pulling your arm back quickly after the strike. This will make them stagger backwards, allowing you to escape.

Elbow strike

If your attacker is close by and you cannot gather the momentum necessary for a punch or kick, you can use your elbows to lay a decisive strike. To perform this move, stabilize your posture with one leg forward. Then bend your arm at the elbow, shift your torso forward, and strike your elbow into the attacker’s jawline, neck, temple, or chin. The manoeuvre will cause them to loosen their grip, allowing you to get to safer ground.

Bear hug defense

If your attacker is coming the back, then the above moves will not be effective, so a bear hug defense is your best option. To perform this move, bend forward at the waist and shift your weight forward. This makes it challenging for the attacker to pick you up while giving you an advantage, as you will be in an angle that allows you to throw your elbows towards the attacker’s face. Afterwards, turn towards the attacker while using one of your elbows. Make sure to continue counter-attacking while doing so. It should give you enough space to turn completely and use another move to injure the attacker’s face or groin.

Ultimately, while the above moves can help you, they need to be properly executed so that you can defend yourself properly without self-injury. Therefore, it is compulsory to train under the guidance of a professional. Contact us at Be Fit to learn from our experienced male and female personal trainers in Dubai, who will help you become strong and capable of good self-defense.

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