How To Get Into Good Shape With The Best Fitness Foods

Do you want to power up your training? You need the best foods to get you stronger, faster, leaner and recover quicker with some of the most delicious and healthy picks. A personal trainer has in-depth knowledge on the best fitness foods to achieve your fitness goals.


Despite what you may have heard of caffeine, it puts pep in your step. Research indicates that caffeine can enhance stamina and physical endurance, in the case you are a runner making the run feel easier. You can try it hot or iced a half hour before your workout. However, if you feel it makes you feel too full, push it back an hour, and if you are not a crazy coffee fan, you can always opt for green tea, but don’t forget to skip the sugar.


You know the drill with apples, but rarely, does anyone follow it. What can apples do? It is bursting with quercetin, which improves energy metabolism. While you may not be a fan of apples, you can add it to cereal or make a fruit salad mixing it with other fruits you enjoy like raspberries or strawberries and bananas.


After a hard workout, your muscles may feel sore. This can be a rewarding feel. However, what do you do when it plain hurts? You can fix the pain with ginger. Take half a teaspoon of raw root and your muscle soreness will reduce by 25%, by the next day. Ginger contains chemicals that relieve pain like shogoal, gingerol and zingerone. If you are a tea drinker, you can add some fresh ginger to it or use ground ginger in chicken.

Tomato juice

If you are doing intense workouts during the week, like cycling, drinking tomato juice will reduce radical damage from intense training. There is an antioxidant in tomatoes that is called lycopene and it gives you the best results. You will be back again to feeling good that you can jump right back into your workout session.

Leafy greens

Salad is not only good to keep your weight down; it is also good to reduce muscle damage during intense workouts. Leafy greens flush muscle waste and speed up repair. You will get good results after long term use. Don’t forget to stock up on kale, arugula and Swiss chard.

Tart cherry juice

If you are prone to inflammation of muscles and swelling it can obstruct your performance during workout sessions. Ease that pain with cherries. Cherries are rich in anthocyanins and flavanoids. These compounds are known to decrease inflammation. Drinking tart cherry juice regularly after strength training workout helps muscles recover faster.


If you want to reduce fatigue during intense workouts, turn to beets. Beets have naturally occurring nitrate that delivers oxygen to muscles, thereby, reducing fatigue and helping exercisers train quicker and with more intensity. For best results eat 7 ounce beet every day.

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