5 Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

The experts state that you shouldn’t give the ax to foods that you love to eat because it can only lead to binge eating. However, if you are trying to lose weight there are certain foods you may need to avoid, at least until you have achieved a healthy weight. We all love desserts, so indulging in a dessert every now and then will in no way impact your weight loss goals. However, there are some foods that will contribute to weight gain if you keep them as a part of your regular diet.

When you snack on foods that only contain carbs like bread, rice cakes or dry cereal for instance, the carbs are converted into sugar which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. Your body experiences a sugar rush which produces extra insulin. This leads to low blood sugar and hunger pangs, it is almost like you haven’t eaten a thing. You compensate by consuming sugary foods which are minus nutritional value. Instead, you need to consume foods that combine carbs, protein and healthy fats. Try whole grain crackers or low fat cheese, for instance.

We all need fiber in our meals to keep the digestive system churning. Foods that contain fiber also help to keep your stomach full. What you shouldn’t eat is one snack bar containing 25 grams of fiber. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables with naturally rich fiber should be incorporated into your daily meal.

When people eat low fat food they tend to eat upwards. Just because it is low fat, it doesn’t mean you can increase the quantity of your food intake. Also, low fat food while not containing fat may actually contain more than the required level of sugar. This is to keep the low fat foods tasty. Moderate healthy fats are acceptable and should be included in your meal plan. Do not attempt a fat free diet, every once in a while dip some carrots in guacamole and enjoy it!

Yes, orange juice is tasty and healthy. However, did you know that it takes several oranges to make one glass of juice? And the juice does not contain the natural fruit fibers so it is unlikely to help with your weight loss goals. On the other hand, drink all the water you can.

Avoid cakes, pastries and cookies. It contains unhealthy ingredients including refined flour and sugar. Also, cakes and pastries are not satisfying and will leave you with pangs of hunger. You are likely to become hungry again and quickly. If you crave for something sweet, have dark chocolate instead.

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