Train Like A Champ. A High Powered MMA Workout

Mixed martial arts is a positively awesome thing when different fighting disciplines collide. Whether it is Jiu Jitsu, boxing or wrestling when combined into a combat system, you can mix and match fighting styles and get a tough and intense workout.

If you’ve seen MMA fighters you know it is a battle to survive a five minute round consisting of full body, non stop attacks. You have to be the fittest and stealthiest and peak with incredible stamina, serious strength and high speed. Not everyone who wants to learn mixed martial arts, however, has any intention of getting into the ring, but MMA style training is a fantastic addition to your fitness routine.

There are incredible benefits that come from a MMA workout. In addition, it is also a great way to learn to stay calm, not crumble under pressure and understand humility.


Pull-ups is a classic body weight technique which helps develop your upper body muscles, the back, arms and shoulders in particular. It also gives you a strong grip and is a must have in mixed martial arts classes.


This exercise puts your upper body to good use and it works your upper back, the chest and triceps. To make the routine harder, you can add some weights or even hold a dumbbell between the knees.

The bear crawl

The bear crawl is not necessarily a warm and cuddly move. It is a grueling full body routine which works your legs, strengthens the upper body and improves cardiovascular fitness.

The sprawl

The sprawl does in no way resemble you sprawling on a couch. Instead, it resembles a Jiu-Jitsu drill which combines cardio exercise and strength training. You can challenge your whole body with this routine, it will increase your heart rate and improve your speed.

Once you fit in all of these moves into a regular exercise routine, you will start to notice a considerable difference to your overall health and fitness. It is also a great way to lose excess fat and maintain a healthy and balanced weight.


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