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Ninjutsu training in dubai

What is Ninjutsu? It is a Japanese martial art that has become popular in the modern world of fitness and training. Ninjutsu training usually starts with basic work which includes kicks, punches, strikes, joint locks, rolling around and weapon practice. The rolling can be done forwards, backwards, sideways and even flying. It is a technique that incorporates a lot of cartwheels and flips.

Ninjutsu which has a history of being used for specific purpose of espionage has since risen to prominence in a romanticized image of the ninja. It is people running around with black attire, faces covered. Ninjutsu encompasses grappling and kicking. It also places emphasis on the use of daggers, swords, darts and other traditional weapons.

Ninjutsu is a comprehensive martial art technique derived from the traditional practices of self defense of the Japanese which offers a wide array of techniques and disciplines. Our classes apply the true methods of martial arts to meet the demands of the world we live in today. The training will consist of a multitude of different situations that will teach you to employ unarmed techniques and combat techniques using weapons. You will learn to be environmentally aware, self aware and increase confidence as part of self defense techniques.

Ninjutsu is not just a fighting style, it is also to help you develop a more self-assured and positive outlook. It is a technique based on a well tested ancient system of warrior discipline. The Ninjutsu training program offered by Be Fit uses a more modern approach to successfully face the type of confrontations and threats in our contemporary culture.

Be Fit offers a rich and varied schedule for our clients to choose from. Right from the start you will learn techniques you can use immediately and in any confrontational situation. Regardless of your physical competency or level of skill our quest is to help you achieve fantastic body health, endurance, strength and fitness.

Our highly qualified instructors at Be Fit will work on helping you achieve the right discipline and technique. Within the first few classes of Ninjutsu you will begin to see a physical and mental transformation of yourself. Once you complete the initial training you can advance to the next stages of Ninjutsu.

We offer individual training for clients who prefer undivided attention and group classes for individuals who prefer a group setting. Check out our Ninjutsu training and see for yourself if it is something you will enjoy and find compatible with your physical competency and skills.