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Female Personal trainer

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Be Fit offers exercisers who feel would prefer to workout with a female personal trainer, the best in the industry. Our female personal training service caters to women, men and young adults, offering one on one training, small group training, 2-4 people and even families. Our training is unique, bespoke and intense. It can be challenging, however, it will give you the results you’ve always wanted. We understand no two clients are the same, and each person may have a different physical competency and emotional wellbeing. Our female personal trainer will create a customized training program to suit your physical fitness, health and competency.

Moreover, our female personal trainer will teach all participants how to feel empowered not just in your professional life but also in your personal one. We will work towards your goals; we believe no goal is beyond reach. It is a step by step training program that ensures you stay on top of fitness while providing full motivational support and encouragement throughout the program.

The training will help you reach your goals, by going out of your physical comfort zone to achieve overall health and ultimate fitness in a specified duration. We offer,

  • Mobility and improving flexibility
  • Building core strength
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Building long, lean muscles
  • Health and nutrition

Our program is result-driven, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass or train for a specific event. Together with a personalized training program and a highly certified female personal trainer from Dubai, we will help you meet your overall fitness goals.

For more information on how you can book a female personal trainer, get in touch with us on +971 4 380 5077, and we will offer an initial consultation free of charge.


Our Female Fitness Trainer


Female Personal Trainer

Passionate about yoga, weightlifting and running, Yuliia knows first-hand importance of training, healthy eating and dedication. To know more about Yuliia, view her full bio below.


Personal Trainer

Loves intense workout like HIIT program, TABATA and weight-lifting. Believes that discipline is the main key to success. Very willing to motivate people to help them gain confidence.

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