Did You Know That Yoga Can Help With Weight Loss?

Yoga has become popular in the last few years, but the question everyone seems interested in is can it help you lose weight? You’ve probably seen yoga studios and classes being advertised often but you’ve never gone to check it out. If your goal is to shed those pounds, you might be wondering how yoga fits into this schedule.

Many people equal losing weight with burning calories and this is true. In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume them. Yoga classes are often 60 minutes long and an individual practicing yoga burns 6 calories per minute. A workout, on the other hand, may help you burn 15 calories per minute so you can understand why exercisers seem to jump on the bandwagon of intense training compared to yoga. However, the effects of yoga on weight loss are underestimated because it doesn’t have the obvious benefit people associate with losing weight. The truth is it has superior benefits to people wanting to lose weight.

According to a survey done individuals both normal weight and overweight who regularly practiced yoga over a period of a few years were more likely to have a healthy weight, than individuals who didn’t. In addition, out of the people who were overweight ended up losing the excess pounds and the overweight individuals who didn’t practice yoga gained weight. Yoga in Dubai is a strenuous practice and what researchers found is it is not the calorie burn that plays a role but rather mindful eating once you become a yoga practitioner.

Yoga is related to weight loss through these important factors.

Mindful eating

Increased body awareness relating to hunger

Effective stress management relating to satiety

Yoga in Dubai should play a part in your workout. It is an effective weight loss program which encourages calorie burn and maintaining lean muscle. Yoga can also be used between intense workout training. The benefits of mindfulness and stress reduction could lead to better eating habits, improved sleep and maintaining weight loss results. Remember, your body needs good nutrition. You need to pay attention to what you eat, this is the only way you will be able to realize your goals.



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