Get Back In Shape With Yoga

Yoga is a way of living, an ancient form to exercise your body, mind and soul. Many people believe yoga is a religion, however, in actuality is it a science. A science of youthfulness and the integrating of your mind, body and soul. It began as a practice associated to the wellbeing of your overall body and health. And many people take up yoga classes in Dubai as part of an everyday routine to not just feel the difference physically, mentally and spiritually but also to bring about weight loss.

With people getting more conscious about shedding those pounds and increased instances of diabetes and strokes there has been a prioritising of health in recent years. Many people are customizing fitness regimes and diet plans. Not everyone realizes yoga in Dubai is an effective weight loss tool compared to intense workout sessions or boot camps. There is an efficacy to the mechanism of yoga and it is enlightening and gratifying.

Almost all specific sets of yoga can pin point to weight loss as they attempt to cleanse the inner mechanism, increase flexibility, up your metabolic rate and strengthen your stamina which all facilitates weight loss. Here’s how you can get started.

One of the well known and most basic yoga practices is sun salutation. It focuses on different parts of the body and comprises of 12 poses. This is great for your body according to experts as it keeps it active, strengthens your skeletal system and eases anxiety and stress.

The mountain pose which is the stretching of your back leg while the other one is in a lunge position with your hands outstretched above the head helps improve blood circulation.

The wide legged stance which you can begin with the right foot, stretch your arms out, go slowly down on the right side of the waistline while repeating the same position on the other side. This pose works on your body, arms and thighs.

If you want core strength workout for your inner thigh muscles, hips and legs the upward plank which is hard to do at the start but leaves you with gratified results. It is great for your respiratory system.

The boat pose has you lying on your back and going into a V shaped position Hold the position for a few seconds longer and increase the bar, daily. It will slowly start to reduce that belly fat. And you will find yourself getting those killer abs you’ve always wanted.

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