Pick The Right Group Fitness Class And Be Fit For Life

Many people have personal fitness goals and would like to get a move on them, but not everyone feels comfortable exercising alone or hitting the gym and not knowing what to do. You may feel self conscious or even slightly embarrassed. May be you prefer to have a workout companion, and this is considered one of the best ways to achieve health and fitness goals according to experts. Group fitness classes in Dubai will help you achieve personal fitness goals so it is up to you to pick the best class. You have a qualified personal trainer to head the group class so you know you are in safe hands. At the same time, there is a core group who all have similar fitness goals and are looking for support and encouragement from their peers, and this is one of the biggest advantages of exercising in a group.

Here are some common fitness goals you can achieve in a group setting while retaining the excitement and keeping it from getting monotonous.

Boot camp

Boot camp is high intensity training, cardio workout. If you attend boot camp regularly you will lose weight. It is a maximum calorie time investment on your part. Overall the fitness class should be for total body movements and increase your heart rate. If weight loss is a serious goal for you, investing your time in boot camp will make it a true challenge.

Strength training

If you want to lift heavier weights and increase muscle, strength training group fitness classes in Dubai is the right fit for you. Strength training is challenging but it is a workout for the whole body and it strengthens every muscle group. It is a functional and efficient compound exercise.

Yoga practice

Yoga classes in Dubai are all about core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Remember, it is important to maintain variety in your fitness routine so you don’t find yourself getting bored or your body getting used to the activity. When you do the same workout you may find yourself experiencing mental burnout. This is what keeps group fitness classes in Dubai exciting, because it has variety to keep it challenging and fun.

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