Stay Healthy On Vacation With These Killer Exercise Tips

People travel all the time, whether it is for pleasure, business, vacation or epic questing. We all want to depart from the everyday mundane chores and routines of our life at some point and explore the world, or at least small parts of it. It might be a business conference, a quick trip downtown or a great adventure in an exotic land. It can be for a weekend or for months, on end. Whatever the trip is there is one thing you should keep in mind, people love to eat on vacation. In addition, if you exercise at the gym regularly you will find you don’t have a similar setting in the new place, if you prepare healthy meals at home, you may not have a kitchen or fridge to do that. People like routine and we stick to it like clockwork, most of us do.

On vacation however, the routine is blown out of the water. Nothing is familiar and there may be bumps along the way. Make exercise your constant while traveling. Commit to an hour every other day, without any excuses. Set your alarm, add it to the calendar, you might need to wake up earlier to exercise than you usually do while vacationing, but just do it. Once the excuses start piling up, so will the pounds. Sticking to a regular routine while vacationing will make it easier to come back to your every day routine once you return home.

If you can’t find a decent hotel gym, look for a space to exercise, it might be a dorm room or even a hallway. Don’t worry so much about the space, concentrate on the workout itself. Go for a walk, find a small patch of grass and start exercising.

Track your progress. Although you may be on vacation your fitness goals would not have changed. You need to know what you did yesterday so you can know what to do today, for your workout to have any effect in the long term.

Continue to eat healthy. It is easy to gain excess pounds on vacation, the food is always tastier while traveling. Also, you get to taste different types of food wherever you go. Don’t give into temptation, instead make healthy eating a priority. It is understandable that not every meal you have on vacation is going to be healthy. You may be at the airport and you can only find fast food places. These things happen. However, you can plan ahead, if you are going to be on the train for six hours pack your meals in advance. This will make it easier to stick to a healthy meal plan while traveling rather than wander around looking for healthy eating places.



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