Does Exercise Improve Performance In The Office?

When you consider the value of exercise, many people focus on the physical benefits, because this is what you see. For instance, an attractive physique, lower cholesterol and decreased blood are physical elements of incorporating regular exercise. There is compelling evidence to suggest, however, there is an immediate benefit of exercise which may impact you more than you realize.

Studies indicate mental power is linked to your physical regime. And the impact of this is nowhere seen better than in your performance at office. What are the cognitive benefits you can expect from making regular exercise part of your daily routine?

– Sharper memory

– Improved concentration

– Quicker learning

– Enhanced creativity

– Sustained mental stamina

– Decreased stress

Exercise is known to elevate people’s moods which will impact your workplace performance. If your job requires that you foster collaborations, for example, you can be sure that feeling irritable is no longer something you can carry around work. Negative emotions can affect the success of your job and the thoroughness you carry it out with. At the same time exercise help decrease feelings of anxiety and stress, which would make your life at work that much easier and more enjoyable, when you don’t have to be walking around with feelings of depression.

There are also studies that suggest regular exercise boosts performance. A recent survey researched employees on days that they exercised and days they didn’t and measured the output to find that employees who regularly visited the gym reported at being more productive, effective and communicative at work and with their colleagues. They felt a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day compared to the employees who didn’t have the time to make it to the gym.

What prevents many people from exercising? For most, there is no time. While this is a valid argument it can also mean you don’t want to make health and fitness a top priority in your life. Usually, when you list things according to its priority not many people would put exercise at the top of the list. Regular fitness can be challenging and meeting fitness goals is not something everyone can do, unless you have the help of a home personal trainer by your side.

With so many compelling cognitive benefits you should make more time for it and consider it something important you want to incorporate into your daily life. The alternative is forgetting things often, easily getting frustrated and being less productive at your job.



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