How To Exercise For Longevity And Optimal Health

First things first, what is optimal health? It is strong muscles, being flexible, having low body fat and supple movements. It is being energized by your workout and addressing any imbalances that you may find in your lifestyle. The next question is how can you stay healthy and increase longevity?

Exercise is medicine. If you don’t make time to exercise, be ready to make time when illnesses roll around. Regular exercising throughout your life means you get to stay youthful. Exercise boosts your mood, assists with creativity, produces beneficial genetic change and improves brain health. Also, it is not too late to start exercising. You may think after a certain age you just stop, or if you’ve never exercised before you don’t bother to start. You should start at whatever age. It can be as little as 15 minutes every day of moderate exercise or 3 minutes of intense workout.

There are 3 types of exercise that you can do with a personal trainer to improve your health and longevity.

Strength training

Strength training encompasses traditional body weight training and weight training. It burns fat quickly and builds muscle mass. The key to staying healthy is lean muscle mass. In addition, you will look great being lean. It also improves cognitive abilities which mean you stay alert as you get older. Recent research linked stronger legs to a fitter brain. Your brain shrinks naturally with age and in order to decrease this shrinkage strength training is known to help considerably. Regular strength training also reduces the risks of serious health conditions which once again will keep you feeling vibrant and youthful. And psychologically speaking it can improve your self-esteem.

Flexibility training

Flexibility training is practicing Pilates, regular stretching and yoga. It is all about correcting imbalances including poor posture. It also compliments strength training. This type of training will give you energy, lengthen muscles and psychologically give you a flexible mind and a sense of peace.

Cardio exercise

This is aerobics at its best. You want to get your heart rate up you can try a myriad of activities like cycling, walking, running, swimming and dance classes. A cardiovascular workout will improve your brain and heart health which increases longevity in a person. It also improves your level of endurance.

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