Why You Need To Learn Self Defense In An Increasingly Unsafe World

People who take self defense classes feel better equipped to handle themselves and are not afraid to walk out anytime, day or night. Self defense training impacts a person psychologically as much as it does physically. It helps empower people, women in particular.


Safety and security

You get a sense of security and safety which comes from going out on the streets or walking the big city at night knowing you have the skills and attitude to defuse potentially dangerous situations and defend yourself if it ever comes to the point of being attacked.

Increased confidence

You gain confidence to deal with an attacker, at the same time you gain overall confidence in yourself. This confidence is for life. Once people see the change in you it will impact every aspect of your life. A person emulating confidence is less likely to be attacked compared to a vulnerable person that appears to be meek and mousy.


You need high levels of discipline and focus when learning self defense techniques. Discipline helps to maintain your training and it also ensures you use your skills within certain boundaries. You will learn to exercise restraint.

Fitness and exercise

Self defense classes in Dubai are the start to incorporating exercise and fitness into your regular routine. It is the added bonus of acquiring these new skills. There are many health benefits to regular exercise and training and you will soon see improvement to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Make new friends

Yes, a self defense class is a good place to make new friends. Remember, these are people who have similar life goals, and it is a great way to mingle with folks from all walks of life.

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