How Mixed Martial Arts Has Taken The Place Of Traditional Fitness Training

Many of us 80s kids grew up watching Kung Fu and Karate. We idolized Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. We probably spent hours watching re-runs of the Karate Kid. We believed traditional martial arts were the core of self defense. It seems a new champion has made its way into the ring, replacing traditional martial arts to a great extent. Mixed martial arts or MMA has created new martial arts by combining different techniques of different martial arts, thus creating a more popular tradition.

First things first, mixed martial arts are sport related fighting. It is similar to boxing. It is the art of learning self defense techniques which is not only to use in the ring but also to defend yourself in the streets. In mixed martial arts you get to dominate your opponent.

Before mixed martial arts became a phenomenon fighters with individual skill sets were pitted against others with similar skill. However, things are different today. Modern mixed martial arts fighters combine a wide range of skills from different techniques to help create a master of fights. MMA has evolved and you need to know a little bit about everything. It is a game where you have to continually improve.

Training for MMA involves becoming a well rounded fighter. You need to train in a variety of techniques which involve Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and Muy Thai to name a few. These techniques are combined to a unique style that only you can master in.

This is the reason mixed martial arts in Dubai has become more popular than its traditional counterpart. It brings together the best of all techniques and creates a unique fighting style which puts your opponent on the back foot. It forces your opponent to think fast on their feet and adopt different styles of attack.

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