Are Martial Arts Better For Kids Than Regular Sports?

Kids nowadays take up a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket, hockey and baseball. These types of sports are very common to find in schools and sports centers. However, it seems that mixed martial arts is not as common for kids as doing other team sports. Majority of schools have a standard list of sports they include within their curriculum and mixed martial arts is very uncommon. You have to wonder if one is better than the other, and whether there is a program that builds character and encompasses physical education like mixed martial arts does for kids does.

One of the main reasons why kids should take up mixed martial arts is for the self-defense techniques. Due to the heighten awareness and participation in bullying, you have to question whether your child will benefit from knowing how to defend themselves in a less than ideal situation. Self defense techniques teaches them not only how to defend themselves but also how to anticipate potential dangers and avoid them. It builds up reflexes and makes your child feel confident to stand up in public.

As kids become better at martial arts their confidence grows. They become self assured and at ease with their peers. Confident kids are not easy to bully and bring down. Mixed martial arts classes are known to increase confidence and self esteem more than a team sport would do.

Mixed martial arts for kids in Dubai include a belts and ranking system. It offers your child public recognition for their efforts amongst peers. It also teaches your child what it means to set goals, persevere, prioritize and achieve them. All the necessary learning skills a child needs.

Kids learn discipline through mixed martial arts. A single movement may need to be executed hundreds of times. This requires mental strength and discipline. It also teaches the child that progress cannot happen overnight, it is the small steps that will lead to big improvements. Endless repetition will improve stamina, flexibility and power.

Kids have the opportunity of succeeding individually with no one sitting on the bench, unlike in team sports. This is an individual physical activity that will lead to individual achievement. You see kids give up mixed martial arts to take on team sports in schools, but many times it is only the best and most physically fit kids who are picked and the weaker and lesser ones are made to sit out. There is an endless supply of players and coaches get to pick whomever they deem fit. This is not the case with mixed martial arts classes for kids, everyone gets picked and is given an opportunity to perform and showcase their skills, technique and talent.


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