Building Emotional Balance With A Healthy Diet

Nutritious food and the way that you eat will balance your emotions and moods according to experts. Your mood is part of your overall health and it influences the functions of your body to regenerate cells, fight infection and recuperate from illnesses. Healthy food, carefully prepared can be your natural way to achieving emotional mood balance.

Sleep disorders, heart disease and gastrointestinal problems are one of the primary reasons people visit doctors regularly. These are common stress and anxiety related complaints which millions of people suffer from. Your body needs foods that depletes stress and anxiety with high intake in B vitamins and irons which include whole grains, soy and avocados.

Experts attribute depression to the disruption of certain brain chemicals including serotonin and dopamine. Traditional medicine says depression is centered on your liver which is influenced by digestive health. If you want to keep the liver functioning well food such as garlic, onions, herbs and vegetables, turmeric and dandelions will do the job. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids will improve your mood naturally and stimulate anti-depressive brain chemicals.

When people are experiencing grief once again the effects can range from over sleeping to lack of sleep, over eating or lack of appetite and intense agitation, Eating high quality proteins like soy and lean meat will keep your physical health in check during these periods of intense emotions.

If you want to explore the connection between the foods you consume and your emotional health, you can track it in a diary for two weeks. Record your moods, and all the food and drinks you consume during this period. This may sound challenging, but it will benefit you. If you see a pattern then it is time you change your dietary habits. Diets should suit the specific individual, it is a plan that should be customized so make the appropriate changes that are healthy for you.

While many people think eating healthy is difficult, it is not. Keep the recipes simple and fun, get creative and learn to prepare delicious meals that contain nutritional balance. Start substituting bad with good, for instance, experiment with fruits, vegetables and different grains. You may eventually love to eat healthy meals and all these changes will improve emotional health.



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