Boost Your Mood Naturally With These Best Foods

Did you know that certain foods can boost your mood and increase energy levels? When you find yourself indulging in crispy fried and chicken or greasy chips remember as delicious as it may taste, they leave you feeling bloated and stuffy. Biology makes us want food to feel better. Everyone’s bodies are different and it responds to food differently. For some people pastas and white bread can make you feel down in the dumps. The truth is a poor diet can hurt your mood. It can also increase weight, cause tension headaches and damage the immune system.

When there is a direct link between what you eat and what you feel, people who suffer anxiety and depression will not feel any better if they continue to make poor choices in their diet. Now this may sound like all bad news, luckily there is good news. Certain foods will make you feel good inside and out. They give you a natural high and help you fight against anxiety and depression.


Avocado is on the healthy eating list with good reason. It is a superfood that improves your mood, helps with digestion and protects your heart. It contains natural hormone elements which produces the right chemicals in your brain for you to feel great. You can definitely feel happy with a few slices of avocado on your breakfast table everyday.

Raw Nuts

Raw nuts are bite sized foods which leaves you feeling healthy and happy. Nuts contain serotonin which is essential for people suffering from depression to feel good about themselves. In addition, nuts are also an antioxidant but be mindful of eating and limit it to just a handful, because it has a high calorie intake.


Grapes are juicy and a great take a long snack but it is also powerful and will make you feel better. Grapes are packed with antioxidants, including flavournoids which are known to impact energy levels and your mood. Grapes help keep your spirits up in a natural state.


Salmon is good for both your brain health and your mood. It contains lean protein and vitamin B12. It is crucial you get plenty of vitamin if you plan to stay ward off depression. Salmon also helps stabilize essential fatty acids. It keeps your brain in good shape so that your mood and energy levels are always elevated.


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